Our tree surgery services include the removal of dead and dangerous trees down to ground level in a safe and controlled manner. This can be done two different ways, the first being Sectional where trees are dismantled in pieces to avoid damage to the surrounding area. The second technique is Straight felling, where the tree is removed in ‘one-go’ with no risk to anyone.



The method of encouraging lateral branches by cutting of a tree stem or minor branches two or three meters above ground level. The tree is then allowed to regrow after the initial cutting but once begun pollarding requires regular maintenance.



The process by which young tree stems are cut down at a foot or less from ground level. In doing so, a multitude of new shoots are encouraged to grow.


Crown Reduction and Reshaping

General reduction in height/spread of the overall shape of the tree canopy, or to reshape an unbalanced crown to create a more aesthetically pleasing form. The size of a tree may be effectively maintained if the tree is first pruned as it approaches its desired or acceptable size. Reductions are usually carried out when the tree in question obstructs buildings or other property, or when deemed dangerous.


Crown Raising

The removal of a tree’s lower branches to increase the clearance between the ground and the lowest retained branches. This helps free up space allowing access underneath, improve light intensity, and it also removes the temptation for a tree to be climbed. In order to leave a tree well balanced, both in appearance and stress distribution, the crown should be raised equally all round.


Crown Thinning

The thinning out of branches within the structure of the tree itself. Typically, dead and diseased branches are removed first, followed by crossing and rubbing branches and then, if necessary, further branches are removed to achieve the maximum desired effect. This process helps to improve light conditions, lessen the strain from wind resistance on the tree, and most importantly to improve the form/balance of the tree to ensure good health.


Dead Wooding

Our tree surgery services also include the removal of dead, dying or dangerous branches to ensure a safe and more aesthetically pleasing crown.


Formative Pruning

Careful pruning of young and newly planted trees. This is done to remove any defects and will encourage the tree to develop a good, sound and well-shaped structure for the future.

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