Hedge Trimming

Hedges that are not maintained regularly can quickly and rapidly grow out of control! We can trim your hedge down to whatever size you need. If you would like to have regular trims for your hedges we offer this on a yearly or half yearly basis as well as one off jobs to help keep your hedge under control. If you have a hedge which is overgrown and would like it trimmed down we can offer the services of pruning, topping, lopping and shaping.The great thing about us doing a hedge reduction for you is that hopefully it will make it more manageable for yourself and therefore save you money in the long run


Hedge Planting
Planting a hedge can be a low cost way of providing an attractive boundary, Blackthorn and Hawthorn in particular are renowned to be great for birds to nest in. The exciting and most creative part of this work is planting new trees and hedges. Most trees that we plant in our lifetime will outlive us and be part of generations to come the same is true with hedging, it’s an expression of you. We’ll gladly help you out here, as with tree planting, New whips will need plenty of water and tender loving care in their formative life whilst they get established. Protection from being eaten from deer and other pests is key, early doors, Whatever the case, we’d love to help with this interesting project in your garden.


Hedge Removal

Sometimes hedges need taking out. They’ve either had their day or you’ve decided you want a fence instead. Do you feel like you don’t have the time to maintain your hedges on a regular basis? Whatever your reason, we can deal with any type of hedge and anything that might also be hidden underneath it. We’ll grind the stumps and anything else for you so that you’re good to go with the next part of your project. We deal with the complete removal of any hedge.