Grass Cutting

Is your garden beginning to resemble a jungle? “One-off” grass cutting can help you to gain control of an overgrown area and to help re-discover the original lawn for on-going maintenance. There is also the option for regular maintenance where regular cuts can be arranged over weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Regular grass cutting is very important to keep your lawn healthy.


Grass Strimming

Fed up of those pesky edges that mowers just can’t reach? The answer is to strim where mowers cannot mow! Strimming is also great for clearing any overgrown areas you may have or if you need longer meadow grass cutting. Combined, grass cutting and strimming can instantly transform an outside area which before, may have appeared unmanageable.


Grass Care

Caring for your lawn is important to maintain that lush green colour all year round. Lawn care includes weed killing, moss removal, scarifying and feeding. We can even achieve that striped finish that everyone loves. If you would like a quote for grass cutting or strimming in Tiverton, Cullompton, Exeter or anywhere throughout Devon and Somerset, contact L Adams today!